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When kids aren’t around the house is too quiet. However, sometimes I would like to hear some music at home and this time I didn’t get a stereo as I plan just to get it when my house is already built. I just can’t play music a little loud since we only live in ranch style house. I would like to play a loud music when hubby is upstairs so he wouldn’t be bothered too much by it. The behringer amplifier would be nice to make the sound more powerful and exciting and I would definitely get one.

My brother is taking an umbrella to mom somewhere and the kids just are going riding in the tricycle. Nicole’s happy life here in the Philippines with her cousins, uncles and one aunt. She is very spoiled with all the attention which she can never get in the USA. But since she is so closed with everyone in the house, going to school is not her thing anymore.. She said there is no need for her to find new friends, but hubby and I explained to her that school is a different thing than what it is at home. She needs to keep learning  and always be smart. Well, she is still in the process of adjusting the surrounding.  She thought her old school is where she belongs to.. Well, she compromised she will do good at this time and not be too shy upon going to school.

It is pretty overwhelming upon moving out of the country. Here we are already in my country since last month. We are in the process of adjustment especially on my husband’s side. Nicole (daughter) doesn’t really care as long as she has her cousins to play with and uncles and aunties to lean on when she doesn’t feel good. Although, sometimes she misses her big brother and her old school which she keeps saying that is where her real school. I felt sorry for her at that. Hopefully, she will get over that feelings. Now, we are on the look for the real estate agent checklist to get more details on where and what good areas that house and lot for sale at affordable cost.

Today we are going to Cebu City for some important matters to be processed. I can’t wait to get this thing done. Hopefully, everything will go well. My brother is going to drive us over there with our small car. I have a little headache but have still have to go. Nicole will go with us and can’t attend her two days school, however I took her activity sheets at school yesterday that was given by the principal.


I am an MK fanatic since this has become popular, as well as my friends. We are getting crazy about MK as it is not only offering a nice brand name, but also its quality is one of the best. I have several handbags and wallets I have keep in my closet and been using one for quite sometimes now. One of my friends gave me such a beautiful watch which I didn’t expect at all and was really glad I received it. It is very precious piece to me. Until now I am still wanting to collect more especially on jewelry since I don’t have plenty, one more is enough and happy to find this MK jewelry at this site online.

Good morning my blog and folks who are visiting here every now and then! Hope everything is well with you. Here in my end we are still surviving from the typhoon Yolanda. We are hoping for the electricity will be back soon this week. There is already power in some areas and hopefully ours will be next. It is no fun at all for no lights on every single night and using candles, flashlights are a little convenient. Hope to have the power back ASAP!

Since before I have wanted to work for an employment law firm, in the office. I thought it is very decent job, where I can also work on the papers, and what’s the most interesting about it is when you know a little bit working on the any kind of case. It would have been nice if I had become a lawyer and help solve someone’s problem at their critical situation.

I did some of the laundry today though. I mostly likely to do it every other day. Especially now that we are moving. As soon as the dirty clothes start piling I tossed it in to the washer. Procrastination is out of my vocabulary now. I want everything to be done as soon as I can. My mind is working pretty fast since we decided to move. There is no way of working things later anymore. I feel proud about it although I felt the exhaustion afterwards a if I was racing.

u bolts

I am eager to get rid of all the junks we have in the garage so we can move on to the next step. It is not easy when you decide to move to a new house especially internationally. One of the things that is easy to sell is u bolts, that men love to collect to keep forever in their garage, just as like what hubby’s interest. We need to have another garage sale this coming Friday.

My day

I am not just feeling good upon contacting consulate. Their system is so slow. I am just hoping that they could get back to me answering my most important question. I wish they could give all the details on their website, but it feels like they treated everyone as small as flies and has to have patience for them as to when they could reply to you. It sucks! Yet, I am still being optimistic right now. Honestly, I start losing my patience. If only there is a staff that would pick up the call.